As from Thursday 5th November 2020 England moves into an extensive lockdown. The up to date advice can be found on Please be aware that your surgery will continue to be available and you should contact the surgery by telephone or e-mail if you have any questions. Our doctors and nurses will continue to see those patients who need to be seen following triage appointments.You can find specific advice on the Local Authority website. A summary of the  main rules is available in an easy to understand form


Please take a few moments to read our guidance on how our services and surgery buildings will be operating as we move into the next phase of working. If you have any questions or comments, our reception staff will be happy to help you. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at

**If you are requested to attend or have a scheduled appointment with one of our nursing staff, please be aware that the following will apply:**

NHS Test & Trace - Each of our surgery premises is linked to the NHS Test & Trace Service withthe aid of a "QR code" which is displayed at our entrance doors. If you have downloaded the NHS Test & Trace App you can scan this with your smartphone to help in the tracing system and reduce the spread of Covid 19

  1. Entry into the porch area of each Practice will be available
  2. You will need to press the intercom button and wait for the receptionist to answer
  3. The receptionist will take your details and either release the door so that you can attend for your appointment or advise you appropriately
  4. If you have an appointment, you will enter the building and sit directly on the waiting room chair until called. Please do NOT arrive early for your appointment as the surgeries are organised to minimise any number of people attending at any one time.
  5. Anyone attending the surgery will need to wear a face covering. This can be a scarf, home made mask, medical mask etc. This does not apply to babies and young children
  6. You will be called by the doctor or nurse as previously and you should make your way directly to the room indicated. Please avoid touching sufaces unnecessarily and maintain social distancing guidelines within the surgery
  7. Your doctor or nurse will wear any required personal protective equipment (PPE) in order for them to carry out the necessary examination / procedure that you are attending for. Please do not be alarmed by this, it is merely for everyone's protection
  8. Once your appointment is complete you will need to leave the surgery directly. Each of the surgeries will have exits clearly marked. 
  9. Please respect both social distancing and privacy as far as possible. If there is already someone in the porch area, please wait for them to leave the porch before entering yourself.
  10. Please avoid more people attending the appointment. Others should only be attending with you if you need help to move about or have carer needs to be addressed. Thank you for keeping us all safe
  11. If you have been asked to return a sample to the surgery to be sent to the laboratory, we have installed "sample posting boxes" in the porch area. Simply place the correctly labelled specimen bag (including the test request form) into the box. You do not need to let the receptionsit know as this is collected twice daily and forwarded via secure transport to the hospital laboratory


Contacting the surgery

Telephone: You can telephone the surgeries between 8 am - 6.30pm Monday - Friday. We have invested in a new telephone system whch enables us to better manage the flow and demand of our calls. However, mornings remain the busiest time and we ask that only calls to request appointments are made to the surgery before 12 noon. If you wish to check on results, discuss more complex issues or need specific advice, please call after 12.

Website:You can access our website anytime. We have tried to include as much information as possible and constantly review our content. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please call us at the surgery and we will do our best to assist you.

E-mail: We appreciate that it is not always convenient to contact us during working hours. You can e-mail us at and we will respond as soon as possible. This e-mail is monitored during working hours and we will respond as soon as possible. Please do not e-mail us with medical enquiries, you will need to discuss this with either the nurse or doctor. It is always helpful if you can include which surgery you normally attend when you e-mail us.

On-line access: If you have on-line access, you can order your medications, update your contact details and send us non-urgent messages at any time. If you have not signed up for this yet, you can request it by completing and submitting this form. Once added to our system, one of our administrators will arrange a short video appointment with you to verify your identity in order that we can release access to your records.


Contacting You

As part of the resonse to the Covid-19 restrictions, significant investment has been made in processes and technology that enables us to communicate more effectively and securely with our patients, including the ability to send documents securely, undertake video consultations and send reminders to help you; and us in managing your conditions.

In the near future, we would like to enable the sending of results via secure text messaging. Please help us, by ensuring your contact details are up to date. You will find that our reception and clincial staff will be seeking your consent for us to use your mobile contact number in this way. If you have any questions about this, please see the information on our newsletter page



All of our appointments with our doctors will be via a telephone triage call initially. Our doctors or Advanced Practitioner will speak to you about your symptoms/concerns. In many cases they can provide the necessary support, medication or investigations as part of this thorough triage call. In those instances where they need to see you, they will schedule this with you directly. Our clinicians can undertake a video consultation / review if that is appropriate, or alternatively a review in surgery if that is appropriate.


Tests & Paperwork

If your dctor or nurse requests a test, we can send the required documents to you for you to print at home. The documents can be accessed securely via your smart phone or your internet connection at home / work.


Blood Tests

We offer blood tests daily at our Allesley Village surgery. Please call 024 76 402332 to book or you can use our on-line appointment booking to schedule these in. Please ensure your contact numbers are correct in case we need to contact you.


Samples for testing

If the surgery staff have requested a sample (for example a urine test) we will provide you with a samle bottle, a request form and a plastic bag to be used once the sample is collected. Samples are collected form the surgery twice daily and transported to the hospital laboratory for testing. We can ONLY accept samples that have been requested by the surgery. Please do NOT bring urine samples to the surgery which have not been specifically requested. If you think that you have symptoms of a urine infection, please conatct the surgery and one our clinicians will discuss this with you on a triage call.


COVID-19 - Latest Government guidance

Please see the latest government guidance on coronavirus

Your surgery is here for all of your medical needs. Access to our surgeries remains restricted to protect both our patients and staff. We will be contacting you as part of your regular healthcare, but if you experience ANY symptoms which concern you, call the surgery to make an appointment to speak to one of our doctors. Remember, if you do have an emergency (for example, chest pain, unconscious, collapse) do not delay... call 999.


Antibody Testing

When the tests are available, we will notify patients of the result by TEXT message. Please ensure your contact number is correct when you attend your appointment. If a test is reported as positive for antibodies, it means that you have had the virus previously. It does NOT mean that you have any long term immunity to Covid-19 as there is not enough evidence for this yet. Government details on the test can be seen here.


Tests for Covid-19 infection

If you, or a member of your household is experiencing symptoms, you can request a test for coronavirus. If you cannot access the internet to book you can call 119 to request it.


Mental Health Concerns

We know that individuals can be experiencing issues with mental health during these difficult times and more information is given below on how you might access help and support in this matter.

In the event that you require URGENT Mental Health advice, please use these details to contact the services.


Returning to Work

As the Government begins to relax the lock-down restrictions, we understand that you will have questions, particularly regarding your potential return to work. To help answer your questions and requests form employers, we have produced a letter which can be downloaded and shared. In addition, if you are excempt fom wearing a face covering, you can download material from the Government website to carry with you. You do not need a letter from your doctor for this.



Mind - Mental Health for Adults

Young Minds - advice and help for young persons and their parents/family

Change, Grow, Live - confidential support for drug & alcohol issues, unhealthy relationships and sexual health

British Heart Foundation - Keeping healthy with heart conditions during Coronavirus

Diabetes UK - Keeping healthy with Diabetes during Coronavirus

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