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Test Results

You may have been asked by the Doctor to have blood tests, urine tests or stool tests.

If you have acces to the NHS App and online services, you can see your results once they have been reviewed by the clinician. Please remember, if you had tests done which were requested by the hospital, the results will only be avaioable to the hospital team and they will be responsible for following you up.

To get these results, please allow about one week, then  you may either:

  • Call into surgery and ask the Receptionist for your results.
  • Telephone the surgery and ask the Receptionist for your results after 12pm.

Remember some tests take longer than others, so it may be that not all results are back at the same time.

If your doctor / nurse wishes to discuss any results with you we will contact you either by telephone or post. Please ensure your contact details are up to date with the surgery